Ram Sriram, MD


President, Bhuvana, Foundation
India and US 

Ram is an internationally recognized neuroscientist currently holding the William Weaver Chair in Experimental Neurology at Vanderbilt Medical Center, Nashville, TN, USA. He has recognized the needs of the underprivileged in India and has dedicated his time and resources to the formation and development of Vidya Vanam. 

Contact information:
Phone: 001-615-476-4994

Sarah Webb


Sarah has her BA in Politics & Government from the University of Puget Sound as well as six years of experience in international development and global health. She taught at Vidya Vanam as an English and Social Studies teacher for a year from 2012-2013, while also working with women in the Irula Tribe to document ethnographic stories about women in the Irula Tribe. Sarah is most interested in developing locally led public health solutions in communities around the globe, with a particular emphasis on women's health challenges and is currently pursuing an MPH and MBA at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

Susan Warner, MD


Susan is the wife of Ram Sriram and a long-time supporter of the collaborative efforts he and Prema have made to uplift the lives and futures of tribal children and their families. She and Ram talked about this dream of his on a date in 1978!

She practices medicine at the Veteran's Clinic in Nashville, where she specializes in care of women Veterans and oversees quality of their care and education of their healthcare providers. She enjoys reading,  crafts, her Unitarian Universalist community, and spending time in India with Ram!

Amy Rising Brown


Amy  Brown has been a member of the board since 2011.  She has been working  towards to goal of raising funds for Vidya Vanam since 2010, when she  along with the Green Hills Rotary assisted in raising funding to provide  a van for child transport for the school.

She and her  husband, Brian, have lived in Nashville area since 1999.  Because she is  the child of two college professors, she has a passion for education.   Her background includes an undergraduate degree from University of  Missouri and a graduate degree from Texas Tech University.  Currently  she works for a pharmaceutical company that specializes in Multiple  Sclerosis.

Sharon Lobo


Sharon  Lobo is the President of Indus Architect, PLLC, an architectural firm  in New York City, the United States. She graduated from The Cooper Union  for the Advancement of Art and Science in 1991, and holds a Bachelor of  Architecture degree.

Ms.  Lobo’s family is from Goa originally and she currently lives in New  York.  Ms. Lobo was awarded as an Honoree in 2015 by the Society of Indo  American Engineers and Architects. Ms. Lobo is a member of several  trade organizations such as the Real estate Board of New York, the US  Green Building Council and the National Council of Architectural  Registration Boards.

Ms.  Lobo is active in the charity community, contributing to women’s rights  and children’s causes globally. Ms. Lobo also participates in  international women’s conferences, the most recent being the 2016  International Women’s Business Conference in Bahrain. Ms. Lobo has been a  guest speaker at the American Institute of Architects National  Conferences on several occasions. Ms. Lobo fosters mentorship of  architectural interns and graduates in her firm.

Mridu D. Sekhar, PhD


Jayant Bagai MD



Jayant was born and raised in India by philanthropist parents. From a young age, he observed firsthand the very significant impact thoughtful and practical philanthropist projects can have on the lives of individuals and families. During his teenage years and when in medical school, he was involved in raising funds for providing milk and medicines to cancer patients and their families who had to stay in a hostel adjoining the hospital for extended periods while undergoing treatment. For years, he traveled to a village where my family was involved in setting up a school, in collaboration with the SOS, for underprivileged children. The school grew over the years from an elementary school to a government accredited high school. It has provided much needed educational opportunities for children in rural areas, and especially for girls who traditionally were not educated in that part of India. Dr. Bagai moved to the US more than 20 years ago, and has worked as a Cardiologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Nashville Veterans Hospital and Nashville General Hospital.